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Corporate Site Manager

Location: Largo, MD
Clearance Needed: Ability to obtain
Salary: $70K-85K with benefits
Start Date: Immediate

Job Description

The manager of administration will be mainly responsible for the proper functioning and developing of an organization. The manager will work closely to the president of the company in order to fulfill the overall mission of the company. In order to accomplish their work properly, the Manager of Administration must be very well organized, strategic planners and have excellent interpersonal skills and motivational competencies.

Main Responsibilities:
Establish, develop and implement Administration strategies
Formulate and implement Administration policies, objectives and goals within the company
Coordinate and collaborate with all Administrative staff
Delegate responsibilities
Coordinate, mentor and supervise administrative staff in performing daily tasks
Integrate and conduct functions of administrative, finance, sales and marketing departments
Develop and implement innovative strategies to enhance performance of the administrative staff
Monitor and maintain file records
Participate and conduct staff meetings
Participate at conference and other public and social events
Handle and update company databases
Establish and manage annual budgets
Maintain long term relationships with company staff, employees and business partners
Handle and solve problems within the department
Ensure the accurate interpretation and appraisal as well as analysis of the financial results
Ensure compliance with company's policies, standards and regulations
Organize internal and external events

Required Skills:
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Interpersonal and intercultural competences
Professional appearance and presentation skills
Excellent team working skills
Highly organized and responsible
Efficient in time management
Attention to details and customer oriented
Able to work with deadlines
Problem solver
Hard working and dynamic person
Good computer skills
Responsible and reliable
Enthusiastic and dynamic
Ethics and confidentiality

Education and Training:
A Bachelors Degree
A Masters/MBA in one of the following fields: Business Administration, Management, Economics and even Sales.
Also, at least 3 years of previous experience in supervising and coordinating a team are mandatory. (Experience is the most important aspect taken into consideration for this position.) - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist